Finding a job: Networking

By | July 16, 2018

You should start the researching, planning and decision making process well in advance – your third year of school would be ideal. Consider that the planning phase can take up a year before the job in your chosen field actually begins.

Use Your Friends Wisely

Your network is there for a reason. The old adage – dentistry like a small town, everyone seems to know everyone else – is true. Word-of-mouth is the way the world works, and your network is a powerful asset.

Get out there, go to the meetings. Dental society, alumni, and continuing education meetings are all great places to expand your network. Professional social media sites like LinkedIn also have tools for building your network and searching for jobs. The ADA career center features listings from across the country, updated often. Go there, pick your criteria, upload your resume, and start getting job emails. Engage your school’s job center tools as well. Start now, be sure to bring your business cards.

Reach out to your State and Local Dental Society

  • Ask about mentorship programs.
  • Asking about state or local new dentist committees.

Reach out to your ADA New Dentist Committee representative

Get to know people who know people:

Where to go to meet the people who know people:

Find a Mentor

  • Reach out to your state or local dental society to ask about mentorship programs.
  • Specialty or ethnic dental associations may be good places to connect to mentors as well.
  • “Find Your Superheroes” from ADA New Dentist Now blog
  • View ASDA’s helpful mentorship tips

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