Optimism, expansion highlight survey of ADA members

By | July 18, 2018

The Quarterly Business Survey of ADA members sponsored by ADA Member Advantage in cooperation with the Center for Professional Success finds that many dental practice owners are optimistic about the U.S. economy and are looking to expand. More than 80 percent of practice owners say that they are planning to invest in their practice during 2018, and are prioritizing upgrades such as 3D printing, digital workflows, and computer-aided design and manufacturing. In addition, 12 percent are considering a practice purchase and five percent are planning to open a new practice.

The survey data also suggest that younger dentists may find increased opportunities in ownership and private practice as existing practitioners seek to grow their business.

3 thoughts on “Optimism, expansion highlight survey of ADA members

  1. Robert. Allen

    I. Read. That. Report. Differently
    To. Me. Theses. Are. Signs. Of. Desperation
    Practices. That. Are. Desperately. Trying. To. Improve. A. Faltering. Bottom. Line

    This. Quite. The. Opposite. Of.optfimism

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