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Celebrate Healthy Smiles during World Oral Health Day on March 20, 2014

Mark your calendar and make plans to join more than 125 countries taking part in World Oral Health Day on March 20. The theme for 2014 is Celebrating Healthy Smiles. Find a toolkit of resources including logos, web banners, and resource guides all in multiple languages. World Oral Health Day is organized by the FDI World Dental Federation… Read More »

Stop the Conversation Hogs at your Next Meeting by Using Brainwriting

At some meetings it seems like a minority of the participants do a majority of the talking. But urging the chatterboxes to shut up or coaxing the wallflowers to speak up is unlikely to solve the problem. Leigh Thompson, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management and a team consultant offers three techniques to ensure broader participation… Read More »

Registration is open for the New Dentist Conference!

Join us for the ADA 28th New Dentist Conference taking place in Kansas City, Missouri July 17-19, 2014 at Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center. Registration is now open! In addition to a full day of leadership development, the Conference includes: Hands-on endodontic and implant CE courses at UMKC School of Dentistry Friday night social event at… Read More »

What is Your Style of Leadership? (You have Six Choices)

Researcher Daniel Goleman studied 3,000 executives over the course of three years to develop a model of six leadership styles. The original report was published by Harvard Business Review (registration required) but many blogs have referenced his work since the original was published in 2000. The six styles Goleman identified are: Coercive leaders demand immediate obedience. Do what… Read More »

Schedule a Workshop for your New Dentist Committee

Whether you are looking for a basic workshop to get off to a good start, or an advanced workshop, customized to meet your group’s needs, an ADA New Dentist Committee Workshop can help you elevate your connection to new dentists to the next level! Both the basic and advanced workshops are designed for current and prospective members of… Read More »

What Comes Before Leading Others?

We are hard at work making plans for the upcoming 28th ADA New Dentist Conference. The conference offers a full day of leadership programming, and that’s why this post by Kaan Turnali over at Forbes caught our attention. He recaps several famous leaders and their personal qualities — they inspire, they motivate, they instill confidence: But it’s easy… Read More »