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Small fish in a big pond: What it’s like to develop a clinical practice guideline

It’s not every day you’re asked to help create a clinical practice guideline that will be used by dentists all over the United States. During the end of my second year in dental school, I was asked just that. I was conducting research at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Illinois and was fortunate enough to visit the ADA… Read More »

Military provides pathway to dentistry

Dr. Rob Peterson bore witness to war and wonder during his career in the Navy but when the time came for him to re-enlist, the veteran nuclear operator opted for dental school instead. “I told my counselor my plan was to return to college to ultimately earn a D.D.S. degree,” recalled Dr. Peterson, who served six years of… Read More »

Q&A: What I’ve learned

New dentists are bound to learn lessons and face challenges as they launch their careers. The New Dentist News talked with two dentists who are eight to 10 years into their careers about keeping up with the latest literature, building and maintaining a practice, managing debt and other issues. Dr. Jon Copeland Practice owner in Wildwood, Missouri How… Read More »

Manage your debt with these ADA resources

Between the stress of a new job and loan payments that seems to keep piling up, new dentists can have a lot on their minds. Fortunately, the ADA has tools available to new dentists that can help with debt and finance management. Access a debt load calculator, an FAQ on student loan refinancing and information on ADA membership… Read More »

New coalition calls for the modernization of the initial dental licensure process

Calling for the modernization of the dental licensure process, the ADA, the American Dental Education Association and American Student Dental Association have teamed up to become the founding members of the Coalition for Modernizing Dental Licensure, according to ADA News. The Coalition, officially founded Oct. 1, has set two key goals: Replacing the single encounter, procedure-based patient exams… Read More »

Finding a job: Dental career options

You’ve probably already done a lot of thinking about what field of dentistry you’d like to end up in, but there are some dental career paths you may not have considered. Remember that there will be flexibility over the course of your career to move between fields. The Associate An associate works for dentist owner, either as a… Read More »