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The importance of mentors

Those who want to succeed in life understand the perspective a mentor brings. A mentor is invested in your professional success, as much and maybe even more so than you. Mentors believe in your abilities and want to make things happen for you. Yes, it is possible to find such people! And, with so many of us being… Read More »

Rebirth of a new dentist: Learning from failures and a crisis

I can remember my return to new dentist status like it was yesterday. Eighteen months ago, I was sitting on the steps of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. I turned to one of my best friends, my mentor, and someone that I very much look up to, and asked for help. I asked him, “Why have I… Read More »

Surviving your first months as an associate

So you just finished dental school or a residency and you are ready to move in to a new world. You are done with academia for now or maybe forever. You decide to enter the private practice system as you have always imagined. Right before your first day you are a mix of excitement and anxiety. You must… Read More »

Implementing new technology into an older practice as a new associate

It was October of 2017, I was graduating in May of the next year, and I happened to score a job from the first and only interview I had with a private practice. “This is it,” I thought, as I muscled through the last several months of school. I was going to be a real, practicing dentist in… Read More »

Will the perfect doctor please stand up?

I’ll never forget the night that the most popular guy at my high school broke down and cried on my shoulder minutes after a varsity basketball playoff game. We were huge underdogs to the #1 team in our division and were playing on their home court. We probably played our best game of the year that night, but… Read More »

Long before I wanted to be a dentist, I dreamt of being a mother

Looking back, my vision of motherhood was definitely tainted with the unrealistic optimism that comes when you’ve never actually had a child. I became pregnant with my son during my second year of dental school, and gave birth in the fall of my third year. Taking a “maternity leave” during dental school is not exactly traditional, and put… Read More »