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I am thankful for my ‘summer break’

From sports and research jobs during my undergraduate studies, externships during dental school and residency, and the joys of being a solo private practice owner, it’s been a while since I’ve had anything remotely close to a summer break, but it doesn’t stop me from asking most of my patients: “What are you doing this summer?” in the… Read More »

Never enough time: Six ways to improve management, organization

The month of September brought together a few of my passions to a head. We celebrated the first birthday of the New Dentist Business Study Club, I started a part-time leadership and academic program in neurodevelopmental disabilities at the University of Washington, and I began a treasured mentor-mentee relationship with my owner doc at my three-day a week… Read More »

From Google University to Facebook Dental School: Are we too dependent on instant internet knowledge?

When I was preparing to start my practice in 2008, Facebook was just in its toddler stage. I started with a basic profile and I shared some family photos. I searched for, and found some long-lost friends from childhood. To me, Facebook was merely a channel to share my personal life with a small trusted circle of friends; a place to… Read More »

My New Dentist Life: Knowing enough to know what I don’t know

Editor’s note: This is the fourth article in a New Dentist Now blog series, My New Dentist Life, following a new dentist’s first year experience out of dental school. The three-month mark! I am getting better at managing multiple patients at a time, my speed is slowly improving, and my treatment planning skills are tested daily. However, there… Read More »

Careers aren’t upward straight lines, they’re waves

Last night, I watched from across Elliot Bay as a sea of colors illuminated the sky. One second past midnight brought a burst of reds and blues and purples and whites, proudly announcing that the New Year has come once again. I truly love the holidays, that’s for certain. I think they are so valuable for a lot… Read More »

How to pick the best residency program for you

Trying to find information on all the residency programs out there and then trying to narrow it down to find a best fit may seem like near impossible task. There are no official rankings, the information about each program is scattered, and for the most part, the information you do glean is anecdotal from past residents or friends… Read More »