Sharing your dental office space

There are many reasons why a dentist may decide to share their office space. For a practice owner, sharing office space may offer additional income from underutilized space. The lessee dentist will save on the cost of purchasing their own office and equipment. A leasing dentist may also benefit from working in an area or locale with a well-established patient base.

There are some major considerations before embarking on a shared dental space. According to the ADA Center for Professional Success, a few include:

  • What will the schedule look like for the shared space?
  • Is there a termination clause in the agreement?
  • What equipment is shared and how will the costs for maintenance and repair be split?
  • Will staff be shared?

Whether you are the leasing dentist or owner dentist, it is important to do due diligence in researching your potential partner. Are there any potential risks or conflicts with the dentist who will share office space with you? Do you have the same vision for an ideal way to run a practice?

If you decide to move forward with the decision to share space, the next step is to define the terms of the agreement. Some issues to consider addressing includes:

  • Duration of the lease
  • Terms of lease termination/renewal
  • Should a restrictive covenant be put into place
  • Shared or separate office number
  • Conflict resolution
  • Insurance

In creating an agreement, consult an attorney to draft and review the agreement. It is recommended that the attorney understands health care laws.

This document is not intended to provide either legal or professional advice, and cannot address every federal, state, and local law that could affect a dentist or dental practice. To the extent the above includes links to any websites, the ADA intends no endorsement of their content and implies no affiliation with the organizations that provide their content. Nor does the ADA make any representations or warranties about the information provided on those sites, which we do not control in any way.


  • I no longer practice, but sharing office space worked well for me. I did it with many dentists over my 56+ years in active practice as a general dentist.

    • Hello Dr. Allen. I am the office manager at a practice in Maryland and we are interested in possibly embarking on this venture but unsure how to exactly go about it. How did you find a dentist to share your practice or space with? Did you have specialist lease any operatories and if so how did that work if another dentist referred them? Were there any conflict of interest issues? Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated.

    • Stacy Stein DMD

      HI Dr. Allen. I’m a general dentist with 20 years clinical experience and would like to connect with you on this topic. PLEASE contact me. You would be helping a fellow dentist! Thank you!! Dr. Stacy

  • Sharing office is good idea to improve our quality , treatment to become popular.

  • alfredo santeiro

    I have my dental practice for 27 yrs and recently hired a management company and now am considering to hire an independent contractor 2 days a week. how do I structure compensation between all three,?

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