ASDA journal dedicates issue to ‘the millennial dentist’

By | January 29, 2016

The Journal of the American Student Dental Association dedicated its latest issue on the “Millennial Dentist.”

ASDA“Stereotypes brand millennials as lazy, entitled and narcissistic. It’s certainly not the most attractive description for someone who’s spent a lifetime in education, but the unfortunate reality of today is that a lot of people really believe that’s what we’re like,” wrote contributing editor Adam Saltz, Nova Southeastern dental student, in the issue’s Letter From The Editor. “Millennials who enter the workforce must confront these accusations that have unfairly stigmatized our generation.”

Mouth’s winter issue includes articles on the need to dispel stereotypes in order to work well with others; health literacy in the digital age; and how to better communicate across generations.

To read the latest issue of Mouth, click here.

One thought on “ASDA journal dedicates issue to ‘the millennial dentist’

  1. Mike Plambeck

    I hire tons of millennials mostly to do tech type work for me. I don’t hire actual dental professionals because that’s not the business that I’m in. I have to say working with people that young is a great experience, they bring a new perspective to the office and they should not be stereotyped without at least being given a shot.


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