Top 8 most popular New Dentist Now blog posts of 2018

By | December 20, 2018

From tips on avoiding burnout and making your dental practice more green to lessons on motherhood and empowerment, here are eight of the year’s most read New Dentist Now posts just in case you missed them:

1. 5 reasons why you don’t suck at dentistry: Sometimes you might feel like you picked the wrong profession and that you’ll always be a lousy dentist. Here are five things to remember when you had a rough week and need to hear why you’re amazing.

2. Avoiding burnout as a new dentist: According to the ADA Center for Professional Success, 51 percent of dentists work between 35 to 50 hours a week; and 75 percent of dentists deal with moderate to severe stress while at work.

3. Surprise your patients: How can you make your practice stand out above the others in your community? How can you build loyalty, referrals and positive reactions to social media posts? Improving service so that patients are surprised should be a goal of every dental practice.

4. Three new dentists, three different paths: The ADA New Dentist News spoke with three dentists — all 2018 dental school grads who are in the military, an associate and in academics — to learn what led them to dentistry and how they chose their career path.

5. Managing debt and wealth: Tackling your loans: Brace yourself: the average student debt after graduation is about a quarter of a million dollars. Grace periods are typically 6 months. You’ll want to choose a repayment strategy and start as soon as possible.

6. Alabama dentist details challenges of motherhood, solo practice: Dr. Britany Matin’s maternity leave was a little unorthodox. While most new moms take at least six weeks off after having a baby, Dr. Matin was back to work two weeks after giving birth. It was admittedly quick, but the 32-year-old periodontist didn’t feel she had a choice.

7. 80 ways to make your dental practice green: Going green is more than a trend — it’s a reality. Many businesses large and small are adopting green habits to reduce waste and conserve energy.

8. From ‘forgotten womanhood’ to female empowerment: One woman’s pioneering spirit paved the way for women in dentistry: We caught up with the Lucy Hobbs Project awards recipients to discuss their views on dentistry today and more.

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