Social media: Five rules of engagement

By | June 22, 2015

Does your practice maintain a website or social networking page?

Twitter_logo_blue           FB-f-Logo__blue_512If so, according to the ADA Center for Professional Success, the person who manages content—you or someone from your staff—should keep these five rules of engagement in mind:

  • Do not post copyrighted or trademarked content without permission from the content owner or a citation, as appropriate.
  • Do not disclose any of the practice’s confidential or proprietary information.
  • Do not post information about a patient, employee, or another individual, including a testimonial, photograph, radiograph, or even a name, without the appropriate written consent, authorization, waiver and release signed by the patient (or the patient’s guardian).
  • All postings on your social media sites should be monitored for compliance by a designated individual in your practice. Keep in mind that if your practice has a policy to monitor media sites and fails to do so (or fails to act on information discovered through monitoring), it could be exposed to liability. Inappropriate, derogatory, or disparaging postings should be removed at your discretion—err on the side of caution.
  • Maintain final approval on postings, even if you designate an employee to monitor and manage social media. Employees shouldn’t speak on the practice’s behalf unless you have authorized them to do so.

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5 thoughts on “Social media: Five rules of engagement

  1. Jordan

    Some great ideas here! Social media can be a huge asset to your practice, but only if it’s used effectively. You need to make sure whoever runs your social media knows what they’re doing!

  2. Manjitsingh Bhalla

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  4. findorthodontists

    Done right social media marketing is a great way to engage with potential patients however it takes a concerted effort and can be quite resource intensive. Outsourcing social marketing is a great way to steady in top of it though.


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