Life as a New Dentist — Associate

The ADA is made up of individuals — here’s one of them. Who are you? I’m Dr. Anna Schultz. I’m a proud member of the Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine Class of 2012, and I am working as an associate for a wonderful practice in Newnan, Georgia. If you could have any job OTHER THAN dentistry,… Read More »

Not going to New Orleans? Join the ADA Meeting Online at ADA365

Go to and you can •    watch President Bill Clinton’s address live on Thursday, October 31 (not available on-demand) •    view Education in the Round courses •    sit in on the hottest lectures •    take a virtual tour of the Dental Office Design Center. Access to ADA365 is free to members; non-members can sign up for $50.… Read More »

All this CE for One Flat Fee

The ADA CE Online Loyalty Program gives you access to the entire ADA CE Online course library for one year and one flat fee of $479 for ADA members (non-members pay $719.) Take as few or as many courses as you like – as the course library grows, so do your CE options! Choose from a variety of… Read More »

I Wish I Had Known…Exploring My Options

By Dr. Ryder Waldron When I was in dental school I was under the incorrect assumption that all dentists were private practice owners. I thought that I either had to buy an existing practice from a retiring dentist or start my own from scratch. I became a practice owner right out of dental school. It was a struggle… Read More »

Want to be more productive? Get the Happiness Advantage

At the Build Network blog, Jeffrey Goldsmith writes about happiness expert and former Harvard researcher Shawn Achor. In the research projects, Achor primes some subjects to be happy (by giving them candy.) The takeaway is that happy people outperform others: “I can give you an SAT test, a Sudoku puzzle, a crossword puzzle – any of 15 different… Read More »

Ethical Dental Marketing

No matter whether you are an employee, an owner or practicing in another setting, the way you market yourself as a dentist must be ethical, as well as effective. Consult the ADA Advertising Basics for Dentists and Dental Associations: A Guide to Federal and State Rules and Standards for information on common questions dentists have when preparing marketing… Read More »