Building Your Network at the New Dentist Conference

By | December 18, 2013

New Dentist Conference Logo It’s finally here! The ADA 27th New Dentist Conference. Don’t forget to follow the conference at #NDC2013.

You may have heard that the conference is a great place to network and that’s true—it is!

If you aren’t a seasoned networker, you might want to check out these tips from Toastmasters International about how to work a room at a conference.

If you are comfortable networking, but you still feel like sometimes you get stuck in small talk and have difficulty connecting, consider this tip from Dave Kerpen on the LinkedIn Blog:

Everyone else is asking, “Where are you from?” and “Where do you work?” and other small talk at conferences. […] ask better questions, such as “What are you most passionate about?” and “What charity do you care most about?” and “Who at this conference would you most like to be connected with?” That way, you get people talking about something they really care about, and you can form a more meaningful relationship faster. Of course, the most important question you can ask of someone is, “How can I help you?”

 Not a bad question—how can we help you? Leave your answer in the comments.