Minimize Canceled Appointments

By | February 26, 2014

The ADA Center for Professional SuccessCanceled appointments are part of operating a dental practice, but they can be managed to minimize their effect on your bottom line.

The ADA Center for Professional Success has an article about minimizing cancelled appointments that includes:

  • What to say (and avoid saying) when leaving a reminder on a patient’s voicemail
  • How to handle changes to dates or times
  • Providing a constructive response when a patient has changed his mind about treatment

The ADA Center for Professional Success is a member-only resource. While you are there, check out the other resources including Be a Great Boss, Checklist for Terminating an Employee and Using Flexible Benefit Plans in your Practice.

2 thoughts on “Minimize Canceled Appointments

  1. Dr. Sunil Ilapogue, DDS

    We really don’t run into any problems with canceled appointments. Our office staff does the very best to go out of their way for our patients to make sure that when making an appointment it really does work for their schedule.

  2. Kenneth Hill DDS

    In our office we have a very low cancellation rate. We have been very lucky that our patients do call in if they do have to cancel. I feel good communication with our appointment setters do make a difference to make sure that when schedule an appointment works with everyone involved.


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