Lend a Hand on Sunday, November 3 for ADA Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic

By | December 30, 2013
Lend a Hand on Sunday, November 3

Lend a Hand on Sunday, November 3


If you are a dentist or dental hygienist and hold a current dental license in any state, you can help provide care at the ADA Mission of Mercy dental clinic. Encourage friends and family who are 18 years or older to volunteer, too. Even if they don’t hold a dental-related license, they can contribute their own unique talents in numerous support positions to help this temporary 100-chair facility, held in conjunction with the 2013 ADA Annual Session.

Read the FAQ for more information on malpractice insurance, what you’ll need to bring, what you can expect to find on-site and more.

The clinic is taking place Sunday, November 3 between 5:30 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. To learn more and sign up to volunteer today, visit ADA.org/mom.