Getting to Know You: Dr. Janine Musheno

By | June 10, 2019

Dr. Janine Musheno and her fiancé, Justin, pose for their engagement photos.

What kind of dentistry/specialty do you practice?

I work at a federally qualified health center as a dental director. Most of my time is spent in the clinic treating patients, and part of my time is spent on administrative work.

Where do you practice?

I practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our main site is a quickly expanding 7-operatory practice that is co-located with a medical clinic, pharmacy and behavioral health services. I also practice one day a week at our satellite site called the Hub of Hope. It’s located under the subway in center city where we focus exclusively on treating people experiencing homelessness.

Why dentistry?

I knew that I wanted to work in health care or do something with art, whether it be interior design or architecture. I have the best of both worlds with dentistry, combining my love of art and science. I also love being able to interact with patients and help to treat their pain or esthetic concerns.

Why are you an ADA member?

The ADA offers numerous resources for me as a dentist, including keeping me up-to-date on the latest news in dentistry and advocating for our profession. Through the ADA, I am also able to connect regularly with other dentists at my local dental society. I will have the opportunity to connect with dentists across the country this fall as an ADA Alternate Delegate.

What was your first job?

I worked at Burger King when I was 16. I worked there on weekends during high school and had the fastest whopper-making time!

What has been the best time of your career so far?

After over a year of planning, I recently opened our satellite clinic to treat those experiencing homelessness. It is a unique experience to walk under the subway to get to work and hear the subway running overhead while treating patients. I have met many patients living on the streets, suffering with pain and sometimes addiction too. In addition to dental services, they can connect with medical and social services. Over time, I am able to see many of them transform as they get housing, medical services, and relief from dental pain. I love sharing in their joy and being able to see them smile again. I also enjoy connecting with some of the patients outside of the practice when I see them on the street and they approach me with gratitude, telling their friends how I was able to help them out.

When I’m not practicing, I’m:

spending time with my fiancé Justin and puppy Kylo, and working on assignments for my Masters in Public Health with Dental Emphasis through A.T. Still University.

One fun fact about me: 

I have a spirit of adventure. I studied abroad for a semester in college in New Zealand where I climbed a glacier, bungee jumped, and went skydiving. I didn’t tell my parents until my adventures were safely over!

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