Getting to know you: Dr. Drew Vanderbrook

By | May 18, 2016

DrVanderbrookDr. Drew Vanderbrook is in general practice in Dallas.
Why Dentistry?
I love the balance of art and science and being able to foster long-term relationships with my patients.
Why are you an ADA member?
I’m an ADA member because I feel it is important to be part of a unified voice that supports the advancement of our profession.
What has been the best time of your career so far?
I really love the fulfillment I get from completing dental cases that have made a positive impact on someone’s life.
When I’m not practicing, I’m:
Spending time with my family and 18-month-old daughter. I also love watching college sports. Gig ‘em Aggies!
One fun fact about me:
I grew up in the New Orleans area and head back each year to ride in a

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