Getting to know you: Dr. Christine Altrock

By | November 11, 2019

The great outdoors: Dr. Christine Altrock shows off her potential world-record yellowtail she caught while fly-fishing off the coast of Mexico.

What kind of dentistry/specialty do you practice? I am a general dentist and own an office with my husband (also a dentist).

Where do you practice? San Diego, California

Why dentistry? I was always interested in a profession in the health care field where I could help people. I was actually pre-med in undergrad but wound up pursuing a master’s in epidemiology instead. After realizing I didn’t want to do research, I looked into a profession in dentistry or physical therapy. After shadowing my childhood dentists, I saw how they were able to change someone’s life by improving their smile and appreciated the artistry involved. As a female, the ability to practice and have a family was particularly appealing. So, dentistry it was.

Why are you an ADA member? Advocacy for our profession. Not to mention all the practice resources, networking and continuing education provided at all levels of the tripartite.

What has been the best time of your career so far? I love when I get hugs from appreciative patients before they walk out the door.

When I’m not practicing, I’m: Most likely running with my dogs along the beach. I also love fostering dogs, traveling or simply spending time outdoors with my husband.

One fun fact about me: I caught a potential world record (still pending approval) yellowtail fish while fly-fishing in the Pacific off the coast of Mexico. I think my father may be more proud of the catch than me graduating dental school.

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  1. Rick N

    California Dentists’ challenge is not enough people can afford to pay market prices for dental treatment.


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