Getting scientific at the ADA

By | May 29, 2015

Dental residents performed a depth-of-cure test to check the ability of the curing unit to properly cure a dental polymer during their visit to the ADA.It was stressed that proper curing requires a sufficient amount of light energy deposited on the dental polymer at the correct wavelength.

Eight residents from the GPR program at the Advocate Illinois Masonic participated in an interactive session Thursday at the ADA Headquarters.

Dr Spiro Megremis, director of Research & Evaluation at the Science Institute, presented on dental curing lights, dental radiometers, dental hand pieces, and what clinicians need to know to optimize the use of these instruments. In addition, Dr. Sharon Tracy, Center for Evidence Based Dentistry assistant director, talked about the importance of evidence-based dentistry and resources available for dentists on  Following the scientific  presentation, the residents toured the building and learned about ADA resources and benefits for new dentists. See photos below.

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Dr. Anthony Okoli participates in a hands-on lesson about factors influencing the effective use of dental curing units at the ADA headquarters. Proper positioning of the curing unit over the restoration and looking at the restoration while curing, with the use of protective “blue blocking” eye wear, were also stressed during the gathering.


Drs. Rachel Zurek, left, and Ashley Ginsberg listen to ADA laboratory staff.


Drs. Noelle Rose and Nadir Elias listen to ADA staff talk about the Professional Product Review resources available from ADA.



2 thoughts on “Getting scientific at the ADA

  1. Jordan

    Looks like you guys are having a great time! Hope a lot was learned and explored. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Victoria Runda

    Finding out a bit about the science of curing in dentistry was interesting to me. I find that learning about the learning process of specialists like these is very insightful. Learning about the different scientific fields helps me to have a better appreciation of the specialists that help me routinely.


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