Free webinar: A carrier’s perspective on compliance audits and utilization management

By | February 27, 2018

Has your office ever been audited by a commercial dental plan? Some of the most worrisome concerns reported to the American Dental Association by member dentists are utilization management reviews and compliance audits. Dentists who have been placed on a focused review or have been chosen for a compliance audit want to know why they were chosen and what they need to do to comply. No matter what the cause, a pending audit can be a stressful and sometimes costly process at best for the dental office.

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In this webinar you will gain a basic understanding of why third party payers have implemented utilization management reviews and conduct compliance audits and how these may affect your practice. You will hear from a dentist who has undergone a post-treatment review audit and learn what that dentist had to go through to comply with the audit. You will also hear from a dental director from a large carrier who will explain how dentists are chosen for audits, what the dentist should expect during the audit and what it will take to successfully complete the audit.

ADA leadership continues to hear your feedback on these issues and has taken action to help dental offices navigate the post-treatment review audit process. This webinar is another of the many tactics we are employing as part of our coordinated communications plan on dental benefits and third party issues. We look forward to your participation.

For more information on ADA’s activities on third party payer advocacy and dental benefits including a video on complying with audits, visit

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  1. Dr. Steve Geiermann

    This is a great opportunity. For additional information to help you succeed as a Medicaid provider, check out the Medicaid Provider Reference Guide, which is a free resource on the ADA website at:

    The ADA’s Medicaid Provider Advisory Committee offers “Being a Medicaid Provider in an Era of Accountability” at numerous national and state dental conferences (upcoming include: Oregon and Florida state conferences and the ADA annual session in Honolulu). You can find an abbreviated free one hour version at ADA CDE Online at:


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