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By | May 9, 2014

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Robert “Bob” Hartman is 62 years old and in need of a full-mouth restoration.

Bob will have an immediate maxillary and mandibular dentures placed, with extractions of all of his teeth, appropriate bone reduction and placement of prosthesis.

Bob’s case will be part of a CE online series where ADA members are able follow his treatment—from diagnosis to surgery — through courses posted on ADA CE Online (here’s a link to that first course.)

ADA News has the full story, including background information on Bob. We were especially interested in what this means for continuing education:

“We’ve done a lot of live patient courses at the ADA Annual Meeting since 2007 and many online courses featuring live-patient video,” said Richard Schuch, ADA director of Continuing Education and Industry Relations. “But we’ve never taken a look at a patient from beginning to end and let our members follow that patient. We’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

Each step in the process is being filmed—from Bob’s initial examination and diagnosis and taking appropriate recordings of his mouth to surgery and placement of implants and prosthesis. In all, the process is expected to take about 18 months, culminating in a three-hour Education in the Round course at ADA 2015 — America’s Dental Meeting in Washington, D.C.

4 thoughts on “Follow Bob and Earn CE

  1. Matilda White

    Good luck to Bob! Hope everything works out for him.

    Also, I went to click on the “ADA News has the full story” link
    but it went to a page not found.

    Thank you!

    1. New Dentist Now Post author

      Thanks for the tip on the broken link — we’ve corrected that and it should be working now!

  2. Pamela Taylor

    Do you do pro bono work I’m on disability and a fixed income my teeth are bad and ugly falling apart I would love a beautiful smile for once in my life.


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