Does your website need a refresh?

By | May 19, 2017

Your website is your practice’s presentation to the public. It’s also the foundation for patient education efforts and represents a significant opportunity to enhance your practice’s brand and outreach. Simply put, it’s a dentist’s single most important marketing tool and a considerable investment.

TechnologyAs you know, technology changes rapidly. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it’s probably time to think about a website refresh. And if you don’t yet have a website, learn about why you should over at the ADA Center for Professional Success.

Is your website at least five years old?

Appearance matters. If your website is three to five years old, it’s time to consider a major makeover. If it’s older than that, the odds are high that you’re losing many prospective patients to other local practices that are presenting a more up-to-date image.

Is your website difficult to use on a mobile phone?

According to a recent report on Marketing Land, 65 percent of digital time is spent on a mobile device. You probably have noticed that you use your smartphone much more than a computer when outside your practice. Needless to say, it’s important for your practice’s website to be functional on a mobile device. Many new websites are “responsive,” which means that the appearance of your website is virtually the same regardless of whether it’s viewed on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device. Today’s users expect responsive design and, if your website doesn’t offer it, odds are they’ll move on to another practice’s website.

Is your website canned rather than custom?

You can certainly post some stock content, but visitors are more likely to engage in content that is more personal, such as posts about your office, staff and office events. Give visitors a reason to spend time on your site. Custom content such as videos, biographies and office tours will provide points of interest. Embed videos from ADA’s Mouth Healthy YouTube playlist about a variety of topics related to oral care. Learn more about creating exciting content.

Does your website remind you of your attic?

Clutter, clutter, clutter. Your website, just like your basement, attic or garage sure can get cluttered in a hurry. Take advantage of website analytics tools – like Google analytics – to see which pages are being viewed often. If your website has a lot of pages that aren’t being viewed, they should either be promoted through marketing tools or deleted. Your website should only be as big as you need it to be.

To learn more about how to create the ideal website for your practice, visit the ADA Center for Professional Success.

Need help?

If you don’t have a practice website or need help refreshing what you have, the professionals at PBHS can help create an engaging, branded website for your practice. PBHS is the ADA Business Resources endorsed marketing company, specializing in dental websites. As a member, you save $500 on website design packages. Visit or call (855) 932-4232 for a free consultation.

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    We don’t recommend a website built from a premade template, but rather one that fits your brand. It is worth the investment to differentiate yourself.


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