Developing a Written Employee Agreement

By | December 2, 2013

The ADA Center for Professional SuccessIf you are the owner of a dental practice, you might already have an employee agreement for use in clarifying expectations between the practice and the dental team. If you don’t have an agreement in place, consider Preparing Written Employee Agreements. As the title suggests this brief document is not a substitute for legal advice, but it is a helpful list of topics that are customarily included in an employee agreement. For instance:

  • What are the expectations around uniforms?
  • What is the arrangement for professional liability insurance?
  • What are the policies for continuing education?

…and more. ADA members can get the complete story at the ADA Center for Professional Success. And while you are there check out the other resources including Be a Great Boss, Checklist for Terminating an Employee and Using Flexible Benefit Plans in your Practice.

One thought on “Developing a Written Employee Agreement

  1. Dr. Sunil Ilapogue, DDS

    There will always be pros and cons when there is an agreement that needs to be signed with an employee. I think preparing one is easier then asking an employee to look it over and then reviewing it with them.


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