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By | April 10, 2017
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Search result: Prospective patients can use the Find-a-Dentist online search tool to find ADA member dentists in their area. ADA member dentists with completed profiles are prioritized in the online tool’s search results. Completed profiles with photos receive 11 times more clicks on average than those without.

Land at the top of an online search for dentists in your area by completing your Find-a-Dentist profile.

The ADA launched April 3 an online search tool aimed to help prospective patients connect with local ADA members. The Association is encouraging ADA member dentists to fill out their Find-a-Dentist online profile, which takes about five minutes, on average, to complete. ADA member dentists with completed profiles, especially those with photos, are prioritized in the online tool’s search results.

“This campaign is designed to help our members succeed by helping fill holes in their schedules,” said Dr. Craig Herre, chair of the ADA Council on Communications. “It will only succeed if members participate by completing their profile so that consumers have a good tool to use.”

Profiles with photos receive 11 times more clicks on average than those without, Dr. Herre said. Members are able to see how many times their profiles have been viewed through their My ADA member dashboard.

The focus of a three-year initiative to drive utilization of dental services for Association members, the Find-a-Dentist search tool allows a person to enter their street address or zip code and locate ADA member dentists nearby. A variety of new search criteria have been added to enhance the user experience, including payment options and dental specialty. Patients then contact the practice via email or phone and make appointments.

The utilization initiative also includes funding for paid search, ensuring that when targeted consumers look for a dentist on Google and other search engines, the ADA Find-a-Dentist tool comes up toward the top. Paid digital advertising is scheduled to start May 1.

The ADA House of Delegates approved the initiative, Resolution 67H-2016, at its October 2016 meeting following a comprehensive eight-month research initiative conducted by the ADA Division of Integrated Marketing and Communications and the Health Policy Institute to identify the ideal consumers for the campaign.

HPI data show that ADA members have the capacity to see more patients and identified about 19.6 million adults in the U.S. who believe in the importance of dental visits, but for various reasons do not follow through with regular check-ups.

To update your Find-a-Dentist profile, log in to your MyADA page,, using your member ID number and password. For more information or assistance, contact the ADA Member Service Center.

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