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I am thankful for my ‘summer break’

From sports and research jobs during my undergraduate studies, externships during dental school and residency, and the joys of being a solo private practice owner, it’s been a while since I’ve had anything remotely close to a summer break, but it doesn’t stop me from asking most of my patients: “What are you doing this summer?” in the… Read More »

Despite tough year, there is a lot to be thankful for

I don’t think I’m alone in wondering where this year has gone? It seems like we were all ringing in 2020 with a toast and a renewed sense of hope that the trials of 2019 would be behind us and a fresh start was right around the corner. Then the absurdity of this year hit us all in… Read More »

Corgis and COVID-19: How our furry family members have helped us through 2020

The last six months have been, to put it lightly, a blender of panic, stress, confusion, worry, and many sleepless nights. From managing patients, coordinating team members, to (remotely) spending time with loved ones, we are all navigating through an unprecedented time for most of us. While there were many nights where that jar of Nutella seemed to… Read More »

Hermey the Elf, ADA bring holiday spirit to patient care resources

Hermey the Elf, who was named a D.D.G.—Dental Do Gooder—by the ADA in 2014, is back this holiday season to make improving oral health more festive. Hermey is featured in patient resources, including coloring pages and brushing charts available on “Hermey is a beloved character who embodies the spirit of the season,” said Dr. Chad P. Gehani,… Read More »

Getting to know you: Dr. Christine Altrock

What kind of dentistry/specialty do you practice? I am a general dentist and own an office with my husband (also a dentist). Where do you practice? San Diego, California Why dentistry? I was always interested in a profession in the health care field where I could help people. I was actually pre-med in undergrad but wound up pursuing… Read More »

Getting to Know You: Dr. Wade Banner

What kind of dentistry/specialty do you practice? 100% house-call dentistry. I treat patients in their homes or care facilities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Why dentistry? I chose dentistry because the ability to practice covers so many different types of work (private practice, education, public health, specialty, leadership, advocacy, business, etc.). I also wanted to be able… Read More »