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Observe Oral Cancer Awareness Month through screenings

When caught early, oral cancers are highly treatable and often have a better prognosis. Oral health experts believe April’s designation as Oral Cancer Awareness Month is a useful time to raise patient and provider awareness about the disease, according to ADA News. The National Cancer Institute estimates there were 42,440 new cases of oral cancer  — and pharynx… Read More »

8 tips for reducing hand pain

Dentists may experience hand pain, which include throbbing, aching and stiffness, in doing dental procedures. Although pain in the hand can originate from problems in the arm, shoulder area or neck, and from systemic diseases, pain that originates in the hand itself is frequently due to either osteoarthritis or tendonitis. As always, consult a physician for any persistent… Read More »

Tips for controlling upper back pain

As a dentist, you do many procedures that require a close visual field and fine, controlled movements of your hands for long periods of time. These procedures also require sustained postures and twisting and bending of your neck and upper back.  These postures and movements can place stress on your upper back and neck, contributing to the development… Read More »

It’s flu season: What to know about influenza prevention and control

We’re at the peak of flu season. Since many symptoms of influenza are non-specific, it’s possible that the patient you are treating may have the flu virus without any noticeable symptoms. The spread of the flu can occur among patients, your dental team and yourself. Here are five major components that should be part of your infection control… Read More »