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How to reduce stress

It’s no secret to you, or your dental team, that the dental profession comes with the potential for daily stress that can affect your health, as well as your ability to do your job. Stress can occur in various ways throughout your normal workday.  Handling an anxious patient, performing a not-so-familiar procedure or managing the intricacies of health… Read More »

OSHA updates workplace poster

Are you an employee dentist? Do you know your rights? The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration unveiled a new version of the employee-rights poster OSHA-covered dentists and other employers must display in a conspicuous place where employees can see it but said employers need not replace previous versions of the posted notice. The new version of the… Read More »

CDC: Tooth decay, tooth loss on decline, but disparities remain

According to ADA News, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that tooth decay and complete tooth loss have declined in the U.S. since the 1960s, but disparities remain between some age groups and races. Here are some findings by the CDC: Among adults aged 20-64, 91 percent had dental caries and 27 percent had untreated tooth… Read More »

Research: Clinical evidence unclear on effects of xylitol products preventing dental caries

The ADA News reports that dentists should consider the extent of scientific and clinical evidence before recommending  xylitol products for the purpose of reducing tooth decaythat based on research published in March on the Cochrane Library. Researchers at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom concluded that while there is some evidence that using a fluoride toothpaste… Read More »

Addiction webinar set for April 22

An upcoming webinar aims to educate dentists on how to prescribe medication for patients with a history of addiction. Safe Prescribing for Patients With a History of Substance Abuse Disorders is scheduled for April 22 from 2-3 p.m. Central time. Michael O’Neil, professor of pharmacy practice at South College in Knoxville, Tennessee, will discuss how dentists can implement… Read More »

Observe Oral Cancer Awareness Month through screenings

When caught early, oral cancers are highly treatable and often have a better prognosis. Oral health experts believe April’s designation as Oral Cancer Awareness Month is a useful time to raise patient and provider awareness about the disease, according to ADA News. The National Cancer Institute estimates there were 42,440 new cases of oral cancer  — and pharynx… Read More »