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Faster payment for out-of-network dentists allowing discounts

Carriers may utilize the services of outside vendors to negotiate discounted fees for claims paid to non-network dentists, according to the ADA Center for Professional Success. Here’s how it works: You receive a letter which states that if you accept an expedited amount as payment in full (less deductible, co-insurance or co-payment amounts in addition to non-covered items)… Read More »

Practice, learn and live with Center for Professional Success

Looking for a job? Need continuing education credit? How about ergonomic advice? The ADA Center for Professional Success informs and helps dentists with resources and articles on everything from frequently asked questions about dental codes to tips to reduce hand or upper back pain. To learn more and search for articles relevant to your needs, visit

Center for Professional Success offers new features

The ADA Center for Professional Success is continuously adding new content, tools, and resources to help dentists succeed in their practices. Currently, dentists can find new webinars on preventing prescription opioid diversion and prescription drug monitoring programs. The webinars provide information on federal policies which include hydrocodone rescheduling, how to gain access to prescription drug monitoring programs and… Read More »

Cash in, cash out: Understanding cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your dental practice. When the cash flow stops, the practice may not be able to meet its financial obligations. Cash flow is technically defined as the difference in the amount of money in a business between the start of an accounting period and the end. It seems like a simple concept, but… Read More »

6 habits of financially secure practices

Like any admirable goal, getting your business’s finances in order and becoming financially secure requires the development of good financial habits. Here are six habits of financially secure practices, according to the ADA Center for Professional Success. Consistently and appropriately increasing fees: Each year the cost of providing quality dentistry increases, including supplies and salaries. As the dentist… Read More »

Helping new dentists, dental students succeed

            From easing the burden on student loans and financial planning to helping recent graduates find a job and getting involved in advocacy, the ADA offers new dentists — who have different needs than more seasoned dentists — a plethora of services, resources and benefits to help them thrive in their professional and personal lives. “The ADA is… Read More »