Can I wear a short-sleeve lab jacket when it’s hot?

By | April 23, 2014

ADA Professional Product ReviewThe ADA Professional Product Review is like no other dental product publication because it bases evaluations on comparative testing in the ADA Laboratory, in clinical settings with dental schools and through other collaborations. It’s content you can use, free from outside influence, and it’s available to members online.

Check out the April 2014 issue (PDF link) where you’ll not only find the answer to the headline question (plus find out what OSHA has to say about scrubs) but you’ll also find in-depth information about:

  • Surface Disinfectants: What dentists and their staff need to know
  • Disease Transmission Through Dental Unit Water: An Update
  • A Laboratory Evaluation of Electric Handpiece Temperature and the Associated Risk of Burns
  • Dental Electronic Health Records Systems

Bonus: if you have a question about appropriate dental practice attire or anything else dental science-related, send it to and perhaps your question will appear in a future issue of ADA Professional Product Review.

One thought on “Can I wear a short-sleeve lab jacket when it’s hot?

  1. Roger L Gillespie DDS

    To each its own! But when it comes to working with the general public people do see you differently. I had a client once and their daughter was going to get their ear pierced and the young gal that came out had a bull ring through her nose. Well that turned that little girl off from ear piercing that day and never went back.


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