ADA council, other organizations developing toolkit for new moms

By | February 14, 2019

The American Academy of Pediatrics, in collaboration with the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention and other health care organizations, has developed a new toolkit that focuses on oral health for pregnant women and extends to oral health for babies.

Dr. Gupta

The toolkit, part of AAP’s Tiny Teeth campaign, is timed to coincide with National Children’s Dental Health Month in February. “With February being the spotlight on children’s dental health, it’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce the Tiny Teeth campaign,” said Dr. Shailee Gupta, member of the Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention.

Oral health during pregnancy and infancy is especially important to set children up for a lifetime of good health, said Dr. Gupta, chief dental officer for the mobile dental program of the Texas-based St. David’s Foundation, one of the largest health foundations in the country. “Moms should know that oral health is linked with overall health to keep themselves and their babies happy and healthy,” she said. “Starting good oral health habits at an early age is important.”

This toolkit makes it easier to help connect moms to the oral health answers they need, providing healthy tips to patients and conversation starters to providers, Dr. Gupta said.

This toolkit has two waiting room posters, three infographics and one brochure, which includes language providers can use when answering patient questions about oral health for women and infants.

Additional materials are coming soon that will assist health care providers in incorporating oral health into their practice, including a referral form, workflow example, patient intake form and conversation guide.

All of the materials can be customized with the provider’s logo and displayed in health departments, clinics, prenatal classes, OB/GYN offices or on social media.

To access the toolkit, visit

4 thoughts on “ADA council, other organizations developing toolkit for new moms

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    The responsibility of a mother is not that easy. There are many things they need to take care of. It is really good to know that they are helping new moms to get help and lead a good life. With so many uncontrollable variables to consider, being on the same page is an ideal concept. I would like to see more information on this.
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  2. Dentist Des Moines

    I agree with Dr. Gupta that oral health during pregnancy and infancy is especially important to set children up for a lifetime of good health.
    I will share this news on my social profiles.

  3. Smiles on Hickman

    Thank you Dr. Gupta. Its indeed a great article.

    You have the right point that oral health is not only important not only for children or adults but it also has the same importance to a pregnant lady. As we all know our overall health is correlated with oral health. Our mount is the entry point for germs and in pregnancy one should have a proper diet as well as maintain their oral health.


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