ADA CE Online launches one-year subscription service

By | October 29, 2018

In an effort to simplify the purchase process for online continuing education while providing unlimited access to ADA CE Online, the Association announced Oct. 1 it launched a new one-year subscription program for dentists and their dental staff.

The subscription service, which is available for individual or group purchase, gives users access to all CE Online Library courses for a year after a one-time payment.

“As a busy dentist, practice owner and parent, there are many days where there are not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished,” said Dr. Nanette Tertel, a member of the ADA Committee on Annual Meetings and chair of scientific programs for the ADA 2019 in San Francisco. “Time is a valuable commodity. I feel it is very exciting that the entire ADA CE Library will be available any time I am able to fit excellent continuing education in to a busy schedule.”

Courses available in the CE Online Library include topics on clinical dentistry, implantology, practice management, restorative dentistry and JADA CE.

“If I am unable to attend my local society’s live CE course, or if there is that one topic I couldn’t fit in my schedule at [the ADA’s annual meeting], I can search the ADA CE Library for the topic or speaker, and take a course in the comfort of my home or office,” Dr. Tertel said. “I am able to take courses from nationally known speakers in dentistry, but also, included in my subscription, I am able to keep up on the latest research published in JADA and receive continuing education credits.”

Individual subscriptions are $119 for ADA members; $179 for nonmembers. Group subscriptions for up to five users are $499 for ADA members; $749 for nonmembers. To receive the ADA member group price, the purchaser must be a member. After a subscription purchase, all “register” buttons will switch to “start course.” The one-year access begins on the date of purchase and does not auto-renew.

ADA CE Online courses will still be available for individual purchase. Subscriptions can be cancelled any time. However, those who cancel will be charged for each course completed while using the subscription.

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    Continuing education is one of the tasks we, Dentists, have to proactively take so we can provide the best treatments for our patients

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