10 Under 10 Winner: An Advocate for Community

The most resounding memory Dr. Amisha Singh has of her dental school graduation is the unencumbered pride in her father’s eyes as she walked across the stage. Dr. Singh was the first person in her family to graduate from high school (much less college and dental school) and ever since she can remember, her parents have encouraged her to chase education with passion and persistence. They always told her “education will unlock the life you dream of living.” But the path was by no means easy.

As she worked her way through dental school, Dr. Singh owned and operated a convenience store to help pay for her education. Through a lifelong love of education, Dr. Singh has become the epitome of the American Dream, especially in the eyes of her parents who worked hard to see her live the opportunities they did not have themselves.

Dr. Singh remembers promising herself that when she had the insight to share, she would make it a part of her life’s work to give back and help others achieve their dreams. Today, in addition to mentoring countless students, teaching young dentists across the country and leading a practice, Dr. Singh is a workforce diversity consultant for the Colorado Department of Public Health.  She also teaches a success series curriculum in Denver Public Schools, which inspires underrepresented minority students to learn about careers in healthcare.

“I’ve learned a lot about gaps in healthcare equity in my roles,” she said. “It’s important to help young people who have never seen a doctor who looks like them know that they too can chase their dreams.”

Despite all she’s accomplished on her own, one of Dr. Singh’s other big passions is community.

“I loved dental school because of the sense of camaraderie and community,” she said. “When I graduated that was sorely missing. I was a solo dentist practicing by myself in a single office and I missed being able to talk to colleagues, share stories and collaborate.”

Luckily, organized dentistry helped fill the gap.

“After joining the ADA, I fell in love with organized dentistry,” Dr. Singh said. “I found the community I was missing. It’s incredible because now I get to experience that community across the tripartite.”

When she’s not making a difference in the lives of others or serving her profession, Dr. Singh likes to hang out with her husband and sons. Most weekends, you can find them hiking, visiting the library or watching the Denver Broncos.

“Motherhood is a huge part of who I am,” she said. “My boys are the light of my life.”

They’ll have quite a role model.

Dr. Amisha Singh is a general dentist in the Denver area and a winner of the 2017 10 Under 10 Award. She is also a noted public speaker, covering topics like leadership, business, personal development and case acceptance. Check out Dr. Singh’s blog and watch for the call for nominations for the 2018 10 Under 10 Awards.

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  • IAM a RDA that went through tough life ,Love your ideas and commitment to upcoming young people to choose medical and dental fields without fear that we encountered being so new to this great nation! Kids who have the opportunity and means to do so! Thank you Dr. Singh! I would love to meet you some day in a Dental Convention or otherwise. Keep up your good work and Good Luck. Sky is the limit

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