Top 10 most popular New Dentist Now blog posts of 2016

2016top10From tips for dentists struggling with work-life balance to the rules of social media, the New Dentist Now blog continued to grow in readership and content quality in 2016, thanks to hard work of our guest bloggers.

Just in case you missed some of this year’s best, here are 10 blog posts worth revisiting:

  1. Five inexpensive, effective ways to market your dental practice: Whether you are a new business owner or a recent graduate entering the dental field at an established practice, there are several inexpensive and effective marketing techniques you can use to promote your dental business.
  2. Ergonomic tips to help you stay healthy: If your muscles are sore at the end of the day — even though you’re a young new dentist or dental student — you’re not alone.
  3. Tips for dentists who struggle with work-life balance: Attaining work-life balance in dentistry does not have to be a difficult task.
  4. On dental licensure exams, the elephant has had enough: People can’t stop talking about dental licensure. What has been dentistry’s elephant in the room for so long has finally grown tired of being ignored and overlooked and made excuses for.
  5. What if organized dentistry went away?: What would life look like, or better yet, what would the profession look like if organized dentistry dissolved over time?
  6. Staying fit in dentistry: With all the benefits exercising can provide to dentists, it seems like a no brainer to hop on the bandwagon and join a gym. Unfortunately many new dentists are working multiple jobs to pay back their student loans and often work odd hours.
  7. Do’s and don’ts of social media: Gone are the days where the phone book and word of mouth were how patients found their dentist.
  8. Five things to know about emailing patients: There’s always a certain level of risk when sending information electronically, but the stakes are higher for health care providers who send patient information.
  9. Online reviews: Know the rules: Many practices are unaware of the policies and terms of review sites. Now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the “dos and don’ts” when it comes to inviting online reviews.
  10. Five things we wish we had known after dental school: When Drs. Studley and Peltz first graduated, there were times they thought they knew everything, and there were times they thought they knew nothing.


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