The Sunshine Act: FAQs for Dentists

By | February 10, 2014

open mouthA new law called the Sunshine Act requires certain companies that provide payments, gifts, food, education, and other “transfers” to dentists to submit an annual report to the federal government with information about each dentist and what was provided.

The Act is intended to make the financial relationships between industry and providers transparent on a national scale, and to give consumers information so they may ask questions and make more informed decisions about their healthcare providers.

The government will post the information on a searchable public website called “Open Payments.” The companies must also report ownership and investment interests held by dentists and their immediate family members.

If you have questions about the Sunshine Act, you are in luck—the ADA has answers. ADA members may access the Frequently Asked Questions online. This member-only resource addresses twenty questions about the Act, including:
What information will be included in a report?

  • How can a dentist find out that a report has been filed?
  • What can a dentist do if a report is inaccurate?

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