Take action on dental student debt

2014 Dental Student Loan DebtDid you know the average dental school graduate in 2014 carries $247,227 in student loan debt, up from $221,000 in 2013? While this debt may not be the sole factor in determining whether a new dentist will choose a career of private practice over public service, 61 percent of graduating seniors say it does influence their decision.

The infographic uses data gathered by the American Dental Education Association.  Please take action now and contact your representative about this important issue, please visit ADA.org/Engage.


  • Pretty insane when you put those numbers in perspective and weigh them against other options for aspiring dental students. Hopeful for those numbers improving sooner rather than later!

  • Yes, hope those numbers do improve! This gives more motivation to obtain more scholarships!

  • Not great numbers. Especially for young professional graduates trying to find their place. Hopefully we’ll soon see the pendulum swing the other way and tuition fees will shrink while the job market grows.

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