New Dentist Committee meets in Chicago

By | January 30, 2015

The New Dentist Committee held their first meeting of the year today at ADA Headquarters to discuss a variety of topics including NDC priorities, networking and leadership, engagement and outreach and new dentist issues.

The meeting, set to continue Jan. 31, also included a tour of the new ADA Video Studio, along with receiving reports from ADA staff on the ADA Strategic Plan, the Diversity and Inclusion Plan and dental school programs and strategies.

The Committee is an ADA volunteer agency comprised of 17 volunteers representing the ADA districts, serving four-year terms. All members must have graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago at his/her term start. The New Dentist Committee serves as the voice of the new dentist. As a committee of the Board, their primary purpose is to advise the Board of Trustees on matters relating to new dentists. They also review and advise the Board on member benefits and the member experience from a new dentist perspective as well as on policy affecting new dentists. The Board recently approved a charter for the New Dentist Committee that more clearly defines its responsibilities.

For more information on the New Dentist Committee, how to contact your representatives or to get involved, click here.

Here are some photos from their meeting during a strategic discussion on evaluating ADA member benefits:

(Left) Dr. Michael LeBlanc, NDC chair, and Dr. Chris Hasty, NDC vice-chair

(Left) Dr. Michael LeBlanc, NDC chair and District 12, and Dr. Chris Hasty, NDC vice-chair and District 5

Drs. Andrea Janik and Eric Childs

Drs. Andrea Janik, District 15, and Eric Childs, District 9

Dr. Martin Smallidge, District 4

Dr. Martin Smallidge, District 4

Dr. Lindsay Yates

Dr. Lindsay Yates

New Dentist Committee


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