Learn How to Spin a Toothbrush on Your Finger

By | August 30, 2013

It’s almost time for a three-day weekend and, to be honest, we are having difficulty focusing on anything too demanding.

The folks at Boing Boing have tracked down a video that does just what the title says — it teaches you how to spin a toothbrush on your finger. Be forewarned this video is not in English but that is unlikely to get in the way of your appreciation.

We would say more about this but the toothbrush keeps falling off while we type, so we are just going to leave this here.

9 thoughts on “Learn How to Spin a Toothbrush on Your Finger

  1. Jeff Jenkins DDS

    Well this one video I want be showing in the waiting room. I don’t think that my parents of young patients would like their children to learn this trick while brushing their teeth.

  2. Darryl E. Gilmore DDS

    Talented I will say, but one video I wouldn’t want to share to the younger patients either. I can see the phone calls now in our front office.


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