HPI: Dentists’ Busyness

By | October 9, 2019

In recent years, new dentists were more likely than established dentists to say that they were too busy or overworked.

In 2017, among new dentists (those who graduated from dental school in the last 10 years), 31.4% were too busy or overworked, compared to 23.8% of established dentists (those who graduated more than 10 years ago).

The 2017 numbers are comparable to those from 2007 when 34.3% of new dentists and 29.9% of established dentists were too busy or overworked. These percentages were lower in the years following the last recession (2007-09) when dentists in private practice reported that they were less busy. In 2011, the share of dentists who were too busy or overworked was 12.8% for new dentists and 15.6% for established dentists.

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  1. Ryan Daniel

    this is very nice blog post thanks for sharing a valuable information for us, too many doctors are so overworked and established.


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