How Should You Squeeze Toothpaste?

By | November 27, 2013

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and, to be honest, we are already focused on the upcoming holiday.

We have been spending a lot of time with this video How to Toothpaste. The video was made by Vi Hart, a self-described “Recreational Mathemusician” and therefore this video is purely aesthetic, rather than clinical in nature. Still, we are of the opinion that this is the finest existential toothpaste video we have ever seen.

8 thoughts on “How Should You Squeeze Toothpaste?

  1. Brad J.Kane DDS

    What a great chuckle for this Wednesday morning! Maybe a good YouTube to pass on to the younger patients to teach them how not to waste toothpaste.

  2. Michael Hopkins DDS

    Entertaining video and this would be something to have in the waiting room for children to watch. I know I do hear complaints about the tube of toothpaste not being squeezed correctly. If there is such a thing. Squeezing it correctly!


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