Congratulations to Dr. Ray Bowen!

By | March 24, 2014

open mouthWhat can a new dentist accomplish in the realm of research? Consider Dr. Ray Bowen, perhaps best known for his development of dental composites, patented in the 1960s.

As a new dentist in the early 1950s, Dr. Bowen was frustrated with poor-quality direct filling materials and began exploring potential options. He set up a laboratory on his back porch in San Diego, where he had moved after dental school.  His back porch efforts eventually led to the creation of BIS-GMA resin, patented in 1962 while Dr. Bowen was with the ADA Research Unit at the National Bureau of Standards.  Read the whole story at ADA News.

Dr. Ray Bowen  received the 2014 American Association for Dental Research Distinguished Scientist Award. The GlaxoSmithKline-sponsored award biennially recognizes a scientist “who has contributed outstanding research of particular significance in any of the fields related to oral science.”

Today, Dr. Bowen is a distinguished scientist at the Dr. Anthony Volpe Research Center, where he continues to research dental materials.

Congratulations Dr. Bowen!


5 thoughts on “Congratulations to Dr. Ray Bowen!

  1. PaulMM.

    It’s always great to read news like this one. Congrats Dr. Ray Bowen!
    Success stories are great and help me keep looking forward.

  2. Michael Czubiak DDS

    I like reading stories like this one. We work in such a incredible industry that is just growing by leaps and bounds. Thank you for your contribution in our industry Dr. Bowen.


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