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Get involved with ADA dental standards development

New dentists who may not have a lot of time but are interested in getting more involved with the ADA may want to consider joining a dental standards working group. The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, accredits the ADA to develop dental standards and technical reports for products and information technology used by the dental profession and… Read More »

Tooth Talk podcast highlights legislative advocacy efforts

You’ve heard that the ADA and ADPAC advocate for the dental profession in Washington, D.C., but what does that actually mean? Tooth Talk, a new podcast from ADPAC and the ADA’s D.C. office, takes you behind the scenes on Capitol Hill with hosts Sarah Milligan (director of political affairs at ADPAC) and Peter Aiello (manager of grassroots education… Read More »

Vermont CDHCs shine; legislation to boost programs headed to White House

Barriers to dental care are not created equally. Even when they spring from socioeconomic conditions, like low income and poverty, the particular array of challenges can be as diverse as the people. Still, the challenges often mean parents, children and other family members must deal with those challenges instead of having needed time in a dental chair. But… Read More »

HPI: Earnings gap between owner-dentists, nonowners declining

The ADA News reports that the difference in earnings between dentists who own practices and nonowner dentists is narrowing, according to a paper developed by the ADA Health Policy Institute and published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in July. Marko Vujicic, Ph.D., chief economist and vice president of the HPI, co-authored the paper, Earnings of… Read More »

Get caught up on EPA’s amalgam separator rule

Almost a year ago, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a final rule requiring most dental offices to install amalgam separators. The rule includes some exemptions, a phase-in period for existing dental offices and considerations for dental practices that have already installed the devices. The ADA worked with the EPA on the final rule and commended the agency for… Read More »

Oral Cancer Awareness Month: ‘We have a duty to discuss HPV with our patients’

To my fellow members: As we mark Oral Cancer Awareness Month this April, let’s discuss an issue that has personal significance to me. I have been a practicing dentist for nearly four decades and received the surprise of my life four years ago when I was diagnosed with oral cancer that had metastasized to a cervical lymph node.… Read More »