Kick-start your savings plan

If you’re like many dentists, you have strong discipline in how you treat your patients and manage your practice or personal career. Considering patient needs […]

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Free webinar: Claims submission in the eyes of a dental consultant

Ever wonder why a claim was denied or the dental plan consultant asked for more documentation? Dentists want to know why the benefit for the […]

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Dentists urge lawmakers to reauthorize Higher Education Act, share student debt stories

Washington — “Can you imagine starting out your career owing more than you might pay for a house?” Those were the words of Dr. Raymond […]

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ADA Practice Transitions: A confidential process. A match with confidence.

ADA Practice Transitions, a pilot program being offered to dentists practicing or looking to practice in Maine and Wisconsin, has a confidential solution for your […]

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Free webinar: Contracts, processing policies and their impact on your revenue

An important business decision any dentist makes is whether or not to sign a PPO agreement. There are many considerations a dentist should take into […]

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Make sure your business plan includes these 5 financial elements

Writing a business plan is an important early step in planning a dental practice. Whether you’re acquiring an existing practice, expanding a current practice or starting one […]

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