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Something to be thankful for

As we prepare our hearts, minds, and bellies for the season of giving thanks, I found a symbolic comparison of those English immigrants and refugees to the journey dentists face. The definition of a pilgrim is a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons. In a sense, we are a 21st century pilgrim as we journey… Read More »

The medicine and dentistry divide in cancer care

We have a problem. There is a troubling gap between the medical and dental communities when it comes to cancer care. As a result, health care providers and their patients alike experience a great deal of frustration regarding the lack of dental care available to patients with cancer. In my training, I met a middle-aged man who had… Read More »

My missing piece: Reaffirming my love for puzzles during the COVID-19 pandemic

While studying for my DATs about a decade ago, I remember being frustrated with the PAT section of the exam. Why would I ever need to know which asymmetrical and strange shape would fit into which hole? How would this be relevant to the practice of dentistry? As I passed time by working on a 2,000 piece jigsaw… Read More »

What becoming a yoga teacher taught me about dentistry

As dentists, we face unique mental, physical and emotional challenges each day. These challenges often create discord and imbalance in our bodies and minds, especially when combined with the current state of our political and societal climate. Contorting our bodies in order to gain better visibility, sitting for long periods, and hunching over our computer keyboards can put… Read More »

Happiness and Habits: Changing our behavior

Welcome back to the second part of our discussion on happiness! In the last post, I shared some of the work of Dr. Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology at Yale University, who teaches on the science of wellbeing and has developed courses, a podcast, and even an ADA Accelerator Series webinar to share her knowledge. As dentists,… Read More »

Happiness and Habits: Evidence-based ways to being happier

As dentists, our practices are driven by evidence-based science. What if there is an evidence-based way to be happier? Dr. Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology at Yale University, has developed an entire course based on the science of wellbeing. The course was originally created for her students at Yale, but now over 2.5 million learners around the… Read More »