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Perspective: The root of all happiness

I didn’t always want to be a dentist. The decision was one I struggled over. When I was in college and starting to give serious attention to dentistry as a career, I talked to two dentists that practiced in my hometown. I asked them both the same question, “What’s dentistry like? Do you enjoy it?” It seemed simple… Read More »

One technique to address five features in dentistry

It is mechanized isolation and suction. We have all heard about it, seen advertisements, read about it, and many dentists are now using it. I won’t mention specific brand names or expound on the different systems but I do want to go over the topic of mechanized isolation systems. Developments in isolation and procedure techniques are changing dentistry… Read More »

Creating positive space: An essential for your office environment

This post is for Tiffani Horton, and for everyone else who is fighting a battle on the inside. I’m against watching the news. Other people can watch the news all they want to. That’s fine. I just don’t want to watch it myself. I don’t want to watch the news because buried in every news reel is a… Read More »

3 months before opening checklist – part 1: Finance

In previous articles, I’ve covered some of the very first things you’ll do as a new dentist who is planning to open a new practice. These included forming a legal entity and then actually setting one up. In this article we’re shifting gears and turning to the first of three articles covering some of the more practical steps… Read More »

My New Dentist Life: Dr. Emily or Dr. Hobart?

Editor’s note: This is the second article in a New Dentist Now blog series, My New Dentist Life, following a new dentist’s first year experiences out of dental school. The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author and are not intended to reflect the views, positions or policies of the ADA or the… Read More »

Colleague Connection — Christina Ciano, D.M.D.

Editor’s note: Colleague Connection is a new feature of the Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association. Our first member-to-member profile is of Dr. Christina Ciano (NJDS – 2010) interviewed by David Lepelletier, D.M.D., (NJDS – 2012) a member of the NJDA Committee on New Dentists. Dr. Ciano’s pediatric dental practice is in Princeton, N.J. Describe your path… Read More »