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In seeking to address ethical dilemmas, new licensure exam shifts focus on patients

Buffalo, N.Y. — Every year, hundreds of patients enter the halls of dental schools throughout the country volunteering to receive treatment as part of a clinical licensing exam for graduating dental students. Some of these patients have waited weeks and months to have dental care provided during the clinical exam process. For the vast majority, the treatment is… Read More »

Colorado Dental Board votes to accept all existing licensure pathways

The Colorado Dental Board voted to amend their licensure policy to accept all existing licensure pathways including all regional clinical examinations, PGY-1, hybrid-portfolio and the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), according to The Colorado Quickset, the official blog of Colorado ASDA. According to The Colorado Quickset the decision allows candidates to: Take any regional clinical examination to apply… Read More »

A message from the ADA president: Dentistry’s role in preventing prescription opioid abuse

Dear Colleagues: We have all heard the stories of celebrities who have died from overdosing on prescription painkillers. The stories are tragic, and they are not limited to the rich and famous. In 2014, over 47,000 people died from drug overdoses, and 40 percent of those (18,893 deaths) involved opioid analgesics, according to the Centers for Disease Control… Read More »

The #ToothParty charges Capitol Hill

Last week dental leaders across the country were invited to the American Dental Political Action Committee – and ADA Council on Government Affairs-sponsored event, the Washington Leadership Conference. Here is why the annual conference was a huge success for the #ToothParty: Bills, Bills, Bills! Proudly displaying their #ToothParty lapel pins, the latex-gloved cavalry took Capitol Hill by storm,… Read More »

Planes, trains and automobiles…and dentistry

Editor’s note: This is the latest article in a New Dentist Now blog series, My New Dentist Life, following a new dentist’s first year experiences out of dental school. The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author and are not intended to reflect the views, positions or policies of the ADA or the… Read More »

On taking medical leave, what’s the law?

Wondering how federal, state and local laws affect medical leave? Many of these laws only apply if a business has a certain number of employees. For instance, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the federal law that requires employers to provide employees job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons, including the birth or adoption of… Read More »