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10 Under 10: Dr. Brian Hathcoat, from engineer to dentistry

                                                            As Dr. Brian Hathcoat advanced through his career as an engineer, he realized that each promotion would take him further from the hands-on and research-oriented work he loved.… Read More »

10 Under 10: Dr. Kadambari Rawal, a leader in geriatric dentistry

When Dr. Kadambari Rawal’s grandmother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, dentists refused to see her. She was in her 80s, and dentists looked at her grandmother and decided she wasn’t worth the risk. This broke Dr. Rawal’s heart. She grew up close with her family, in Mumbai, with her grandparents always around helping and babysitting. “Even highly trained… Read More »

10 Under 10: Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick on a ‘Mission’

Since she was a child, Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick dreamed of working in medicine and working with kids. And after shadowing her dentist her junior year of high school, she made it her goal to go into dentistry, where today she today is a co-chair of her local Mission of Mercy program and a leader of dentistry in Macon… Read More »

10 Under 10: Dr. Dan Hammer

During his surgical residency at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Dr. Dan Hammer focused on typical oral maxillofacial surgical procedures: wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, corrective jaw, facial trauma and infections, cleft lip and cleft palate, craniofacial surgery. But he was also seeing many patients with severe facial trauma. This was as the number of troops… Read More »

10 Under 10: Dr. Onika Patel

Dentist lobby day in Arizona usually falls on Valentine’s Day. Every year, Dr. Onika Patel and a handful of other dentists trek to the state capitol to press legislators on issues important to dentists. One year, she argued against a tax on medical devices. Another, against dental therapists. Another, for access to dentistry and benefits for pregnant women.… Read More »