5 lessons from my first six months of residency

As I glance out the window and take a sip of my morning coffee, I’m handed a medical history for the patient that has just arrived. A hefty list of medical conditions is scribbled on the first page. Page two has a medication list of many consonants and syllables that I still am unable to properly pronounce. The… Read More »

Top 10 most popular New Dentist Now blog posts of 2015

From a series of articles on practice ownership to guest bloggers sharing their ups and downs as new dentists, the New Dentist Now blog continued to grow in website traffic and content quality in 2015. Just in case you missed some of the most popular blogs this year, here are 10 worth revisiting: My New Dentist Life: Dr.… Read More »

What’s there to be thankful for?

Turkey, stuffing and brown gravy. Cider and pumpkins and pilgrims. Friends and family around a table staring at buckets of food. All the uncles secretly competing in the most interesting sweater contest. All of these things have been a part of this weekend for all of my life. It’s what makes it special for me. But on this… Read More »

In your journey through dentistry, what are you most thankful for?

With Thanksgiving Day only a week away, New Dentist Now asked its guest bloggers to answer one question: In your journey through dentistry, what are you most thankful for? Here are their answers: Dr. Katie Sowa “I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built in my journey through dentistry. These relationships have led to a great associateship and involvement… Read More »

Why we love the Blue Angels — and the importance of being part of a team

I saw my first U.S. Navy Air Show two months ago. We had to drive, walk, hike and climb to get there, but we finally found a nice patch of grass on the shores of Lake Washington. It was a great show on a beautiful August day. The crowd “oohed” and “aahed” throughout, and I would imagine that… Read More »

Perspective: The root of all happiness

I didn’t always want to be a dentist. The decision was one I struggled over. When I was in college and starting to give serious attention to dentistry as a career, I talked to two dentists that practiced in my hometown. I asked them both the same question, “What’s dentistry like? Do you enjoy it?” It seemed simple… Read More »