A way with words: How language makes a difference

There’s this phenomenon in the local restaurant scene that has caught my attention recently. I’m not sure if it’s always been this way, and I’ve just never noticed, or if it’s a product of a new generation of cooks and restaurant owners. What I’m talking about specifically is the menu language. The use of adjectives and word esthetics… Read More »

The dark days of dentistry

You want to know a secret? Sometimes I don’t want to go to work. . . Sometimes I don’t want to pull that tooth or make that denture or place that composite. Sometimes . . . I don’t want to do dentistry at all. But if you’re a practicing dentist reading this right now, you know full well… Read More »

Prescribing smarter: How we can have great influence on America’s opioid crisis

Pain Killers. Opioids. Drugs. Are they on your mind today? Because they’re on mine. With every walk-in. With every extraction. With every patient who looks me in the eye and says: “Doc, can I get a little something for pain?” “Sure,” I say. And then I walk back to my computer, stare at my screen, and wonder what… Read More »

Community health dentistry: Saying yes in a world of noes

This morning I sat in a room full of 600 people. Most of them I didn’t know. We were all different shapes and sizes and colors, really only connected by a single logo printed on all of our name badges. In front of the room stood several important people, including the CEO. One by one, they told their… Read More »

A Space Needle state-of-mind

I moved into an apartment recently. It’s an older apartment, but roomy. In this apartment is a sunroom with a large window looking out into the Seattle summer. I like to stand in this sunroom from time to time. Sipping a drink or brushing my teeth or just to stand and stare after a long workday. The first… Read More »

On dental licensure exams, the elephant has had enough

People can’t stop talking about dental licensure. What has been dentistry’s elephant in the room for so long has finally grown tired of being ignored and overlooked and made excuses for. I took my exam almost one year ago to the day. And if I’m being honest, I haven’t given it too much thought since. But strangely enough,… Read More »