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Understanding small savings, interest and taxes

Time is money. It’s true. Realize that though you may be shouldering debt, most new dentists are young and can take advantage of money saving […]

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With student loans, consider options in repayment strategy

Dr. Timothy Oh, of Ellsworth, Maine, graduated from dental school in 2008 with over $300,000 in student debt — a mixture of federal and private […]

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I’m a new associate dentist…what does the ADA do for me?

From supplying life insurance, advice on which board to take, and resources to make your CV shine; the ADA has many benefits to offer. In […]

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ADA offers resources for new dentists, dental students

Recognizing that dental students and new dentists have different needs, the ADA offers a plethora of services, resources and benefits to help them succeed in […]

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Life as a new dentist — Pediatric dentist

Dentistry is made up of individuals. Here’s one of them. Who are you? I’m Dr. Colleen Greene, a second year resident in pediatric dentistry at […]

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ADA launches new dental student Web portal

The ADA launched this month a new Web portal designed to provide a one-stop shop for dental students seeking information, ranging from financial resources to […]

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