Dentists urge lawmakers to reauthorize Higher Education Act, share student debt stories

Washington — “Can you imagine starting out your career owing more than you might pay for a house?” Those were the words of Dr. Raymond Jarvis, a dentist from Shreveport, Louisiana, in his statement for the record to the House Committee on Small Business and its June 12 hearing, The Doctor is Out. Rising Student Loan Debt and… Read More »

Manage your debt with these ADA resources

Between the stress of a new job and loan payments that seems to keep piling up, new dentists can have a lot on their minds. Fortunately, the ADA has tools available to new dentists that can help with debt and finance management. Access a debt load calculator, an FAQ on student loan refinancing and information on ADA membership… Read More »

Free webinar focuses on student loan refinancing, debt repayment options

Association members seeking to learn more about student loan refinancing and debt repayment options can attend a free Sept. 19 webinar, Student Loan Best Practices for ADA Members. The webinar is scheduled for 7-8 p.m. CDT and is hosted by Laurel Road, the student loan refinancing program endorsed by the ADA. The webinar will address the following questions:… Read More »

Does student loan debt preclude practice ownership?

One concern that I hear a lot from new dentists centers on their ability to buy or start a practice while carrying student loan debt. Sometimes they almost seem to be talking themselves out of the idea all together. This lack of confidence seems to be centered on the belief that student loan debt will preclude them from… Read More »

Local New York dental society helps new dentists with debt

New York — In an effort to help new dentists overcome the burden of dental school debt, the Second District Dental Society in Brooklyn decided to do something to help. The society started a loan forgiveness program in 2017, awarding a total of $37,500 among four winners: Drs. Jacqueline Pierre, Mitchell Zientz, Elliot Haber and Alena Sergaeva. “The… Read More »

Managing debt and wealth: Tackling your loans

Brace yourself: the average student debt after graduation is about a quarter of a million dollars. Grace periods are typically 6 months. You’ll want to choose a repayment strategy and start as soon as possible. Understand key concepts — Interest: Interest is the rate charged to borrow money. The interest on your loan begins as soon as your… Read More »