New dentists gain experience, pathway to financial freedom

Dr. Brenden Moon didn’t start out with public health dentistry in mind, but following his third year of dental school at the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, he learned about a new dental center opening in Carthage, Illinois. A rural town of about 2,700, Carthage was close to where his mother lived and the soon-to-be-open Hancock County… Read More »

Identifying core values and practice philosophy

It really is kind of cool how we all turn out so different. We’re all taught the same basic principles of dentistry after we take and master core health science curriculum and yet we quickly turn into very individualized and different doctors. How do you identify your core values and practice philosophy? Thinking back, a lot of what… Read More »

In your journey through dentistry, what are you most thankful for?

With Thanksgiving Day only a week away, New Dentist Now asked its guest bloggers to answer one question: In your journey through dentistry, what are you most thankful for? Here are their answers: Dr. Katie Sowa “I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built in my journey through dentistry. These relationships have led to a great associateship and involvement… Read More »

One technique to address five features in dentistry

It is mechanized isolation and suction. We have all heard about it, seen advertisements, read about it, and many dentists are now using it. I won’t mention specific brand names or expound on the different systems but I do want to go over the topic of mechanized isolation systems. Developments in isolation and procedure techniques are changing dentistry… Read More »

Bang for Your Buck! Prioritizing CE opportunities as a new dentist

We knew all along. We knew there were things we were not learning while we were in school. Now, we’ve made it out. We are practicing dentists. We’ve climbed the mountain, celebrated, taken a deep breath, and turned around to find ourselves at the bottom of another mountain. We know there are things we don’t know. Now what?… Read More »

Understanding small savings, interest and taxes

Time is money. It’s true. Realize that though you may be shouldering debt, most new dentists are young and can take advantage of money saving techniques and the power of compounding interest. Small savings early can really help with BIG decisions later! As soon as possible: Learn to manage your limited money to have fun when you need… Read More »